Secretary Out-of-Order

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Slice of Life
Synopsis Secretary Out-of-Order

Yu-eun Gam, a very capable secretary, works at IREN under the relentless CEO

Dohyeok Chae. After getting fed up with Dohyeok’s ruthless workload and cruel behavior, she buys a lottery ticket out of impulse and wins. Full of hope for her future, she hands in a letter of resignation only to be rejected.



One response to “Secretary Out-of-Order”

  1. I am impressed by how the female protagonist can ignore so many things in a single sentence. I mean, coming to the wrong conclusion despite having several pieces of information that contradict that very idea. “Maybe he’s married” Except he never said he was and I don’t think he wears a ring. It could be tolerated before, although it is jumping to conclusions without sufficient information, due to his boss having a book dedicated to parenting, but not anymore. Let’s look at the evidence against: a photo showing only him and his dog, on the bedside table next to the bed. There is no photo of a woman with him. The fact that he takes her home is already a reason to doubt that theory, although his wife could be traveling. She’s been his secretary for a year and if she doesn’t know if he’s married it means he’s never had his wife come to visit him or she has phoned and, as his secretary, she’s taken the call. Her cousin says she thought he didn’t like women, hard for her to say if he is married. She refers to him as a hermit. She mistakes her for his girlfriend and welcomes her into the family. Unless they are in favor of polygamy, it is doubtful she would do that if the boss was married.

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