Cancel This Wish

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Cancel This WishThis Wish Is Cancelled取消这个愿望이 소원은 취소

Synopsis Cancel This Wish

A long-time shut-in, Ramiele gets pressured by her mom to attend a banquet

where it just so happens that her crush, Tyriel, and her ex-best friend, Beryl

announce their engagement. “If only I were Beryl!” Ramiele wistfully thinks.
Her necklace suddenly lights up at the thought

and she is transported back in time to her days at the academy, but as…
Beryl?! Stuck inside Beryl’s body, she at first wonders how she can live up to Beryl’s reputation, but when Ramiele meets her own self, she learns more about herself than she ever had before.
"A growing romance fantasy in which I find my true self!"
After graduating from the academy, Remiel, who was living a solitary life as an outcast, was unable to overcome her mother's persuasion and attended the party of the Marquis of Atrahasis. And there, Tyriel, whom she has had a crush on for a long time, and her roommate, Beryl, announce their marriage. In shock, Remiel thought, "I wish I were Beryl."
The moment she thought that, her necklace suddenly shone and she disappeared on the spot! And when she woke up again, Remiel had become Beryl from their Academy days?!



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