Landlord’s Little Girl - Chapter 262

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43 responses to “Landlord’s Little Girl”

  1. The manga was going all good until chapter 221. I didn’t liked how pyo fell for dali so easily. I didn’t expected something like this. I hope in the upcoming episode pyo will not let his guard down.😒
    Overall it’s a good manga😁

  2. The main shit begins when the old hag can’t resist the fucking lust and why the hell will the mc suffer for the old hag(mother…)and the most irritating part was when she enjoyed it. If she would have that resistance from first the mc didn’t have to suffer and it was clearly that landlord’s wife’s fault she seduced him the also the MC’s dad accepted the sufferings but that fu****ing b*t*h (old hag)cannot hold back .But anyway try your best to hold till 100 th episode then you will finally have some relief

  3. Fuck everyone fuck his mom fuck his dad fuck the landlord fuck Darla fuck those fucks known as bullies and lastly fuck this manwha for being so fucking good

  4. Wow! what great manga series!😊😱it is damn super!👏i want more manga series like this…i can never forget this manga…pls update this manga series “landlord’s little girl “great work

  5. first time i read adult manga but I already think the standard this one sets is already too high so I’m not sure if there’ll be a better one.. Early chapters yes I was disgusted by Mr Yoo, but keep reading all will make sense.. The story line is very impressive, characters are well selected and built, their development is insanely good as well. Ofc, it’s Jun Pyo but please don’t make it a sad ending for him.. Can’t believe I’m af chapter 213 already and I admit this manga is thoughtfully and realistically written. Salute to the artists!

  6. This manga is fucked up yes and the main character is a little simp bitchboy for a while but hang in there until your at chapter 90-100, then shit hits the fan and it becomes alot better

  7. Best adult manga ever! But if u are uncomfortable with s.ex scenes, dont read. The ideas also happening in real life. The characters development very good.
    Only those with open mind can read this 😅 haha.

  8. what the fuck are these soyboy comments?
    This is one of the best porn manga ive ever read!
    just try and hold on untill chapter 100, thats when the real good shit begins.
    Ive only hold on because I know the MC is not going to be a bitch forever.
    You cn just skip to chapter 100 and go from there, old man fucking was a sore eye. but the drawing is FUCKING MAJESTIC. It looks like it improved again after 180 chapter..

    Again if you dont like to see old man fucking and some super deep drama, just go 100+! fkng worth it

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