Against The Gods - Chapter 546

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79 responses to “Against The Gods”

  1. As I’ve reached chapter 69420 of this manga (169 to be honest 🤡) I would like to inform that dude currently has 5 gals with him :
    2 Lolis : Jasmine & Ling’er
    1 Wife : Xia (whatever it was I forgor 💀)
    1 Kinda best friend : Che Yun Chan
    1 Senior Sussy Sister (I forgor her name ☠️)

  2. Um…was a chapter skipped? Demon dude was getting his ass kicked by sword girl last chapter and MC and Mo Li were talking about the flower…

  3. He keeps worrying about the treasure in his poison pearls space but he didnt transfer his treasure to space ring before storing the loli sword he’s a real idiot stupid

  4. He’s wife was probably died already and the whole clan and he’s sect, thats the bad karma if you arent womanizer that would not be happen and even if you only know the girl for 1 week u will die for her thats so idiot brain and fyi you already know that the father of that girl is bad u still insist helping her and when u comeback u will see the one that feeds u will bite u, hope u will learn a lesson to that ur idiot MC cuz ur too kind hearted to girl u will do anything for her even if u only know for 1 day thats rediculious one dy for sure u will diewith that kind of nature and u still dont content with ur woman even though u already have 4

  5. Her master have been develop for over 3years wow she’s not a flat anymore, that hardwork of cultivation for over 3years has paid she’s now legal loli

  6. This is the same chapter as the last one, what kind of sick joke are you trying to play making us read our MC die again?

  7. Stop using chinese equivalent names for the realms…..either you use english or provide necessary translations

  8. All manhwa in manga1st has trash translate.. Make headache reas from this one.. Just go away from this job, shame of you..

  9. typical. “when the cat isn’t at home, mice dance”. The “almighty” leader of Divine Phoenix Clan already had to concede victory to MC by his own daughter. And even if he saved her (the only female in the family, the treasure of theirs as she’s the phoenix successor and host i suppose), what they do by knowing Yun Che isn’t around anymore? Attack Blue Nation! I suppose this could happen the same, as they wanted that vein for alot. They only wanted an excuse.

    I believe this is the usual time-skip event for an MC where he’ll become more powerful in a certain time, whereas his old enemies will bring chaos and tragedy around. Some unexpected revelations and face-offs as well maybe. Moreover, i suppose the upseen king will die in the meanwhile. After all the efforts to save him by MC too…

  10. This manga is the only one I find difficult to keep up with. You have moments of great dialogue and then there’s this. It essentially becomes a picture book with minimalistic explanation.

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