Living as the Enemy Prince

Living as the Enemy Prince

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How to Live as the Enemy Prince - Living as the Enemy Prince - 적국의 왕자로 사는 법 -

Martial Arts
Synopsis Living as the Enemy Prince


"Living as the Enemy Prince" introduces a compelling manga where the lines between kinship and enmity blur. Bern, a valiant defender of his nation, meets an untimely demise on the battlefield. To his astonishment, he awakens within the body of Kalian,

the prince of the very nation he once swore to defeat. His resolve to avenge his people now takes a complex twist, entwined with a web of intricate challenges.

Navigating the treacherous terrain of his new identity,

Bern must not only master the art of diplomacy and statecraft

but also find a way to tame his abusive half-brother. Simultaneously,

he is enmeshed in a perilous dance of intrigue orchestrated by his own mother.

Throughout the manga, transitions skillfully guide readers through the multifaceted layers of Bern's existence, deftly balancing the intricacies of court politics and personal struggles. Passive voice is used judiciously to maintain the narrative's vitality while ensuring crystal-clear storytelling.

As Bern grapples with his unexpected role, he uncovers unexpected depths of character

and must come to terms with the notion of kinship. The pursuit of sweet revenge proves elusive, and readers are drawn into a story where the boundaries between friend and foe are increasingly blurred.

"Living as the Enemy Prince" transcends the conventional boundaries of storytelling, weaving together themes of identity, honor, and the relentless pursuit of justice. It is a manga that beckons readers to embark on a journey through a world where the most significant battles are waged not on the battlefield, but within the corridors of one's own heart and the enigmatic dynamics of family and power.



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