Yuan Zun - Chapter 605

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22 responses to “Yuan Zun”

  1. So…. about that stamp……why did he shatter it? He would have been attacked either way….and so he doesn’t have those runes anymore,and most of his attack power that came from the earth rune… And what happened to next lvl of his qi training?! Heaven serpent or something?!
    And how is be gonna find that guys disciples? And how to prove he has come with his instructions?

  2. De fuck?! Where they really sitting there watching???!!! Da fuck?? And aren’t the remaining chosens mobs???!! Wtf? And they can’t defeat them?!
    This is getting ridiculous!

  3. Like these fuckers even fighting each other?! Like pink lass was fighting red bich… Who won? They just stare at each other….

  4. Bich where is the color thingy?! Are you shitting me?! I won’t sit and watch you go collecting this shit again! He had 4 color+ the dead guy color thing

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