The Tutorial is Too Hard - Chapter 167

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59 responses to “The Tutorial is Too Hard”

  1. Well…that was ….informative. hopefully that was on purpose and we’ll get some closure to the whole conversation later…or not.

  2. No need to feel confused. The story is jumping between the past (6th floor) and the present (61st floor). The chapters aren’t skipping.

  3. Thank you ES. I was thinking it was a mistake at first, but once I got down to the part where he was talking about failure towards the end, I put 2 and 2 together and figured it was him in the future thinking of his first failure.

  4. decides to dig a grave in memory of an character that died early turns out ta be the clear requirement… does any of this make sense lol still gonna keep reading tho but im starting to think we’ve got multiple ‘authors’ or one who’s running out of ideas lol.

  5. sad to say plenty of gaps in the manga so far still a fun ride if they patched it up a bit it be on par with solo leveling…

  6. makes sense given his need for power… even if he can’t get both he can get them to raise the stakes in order to recruit him..

  7. c’est tellement dommage ca partait si bien et maintenant on a des time skip illogique qui spoil juste l’histoire , je comprend rien juste pourquoi ?

  8. bah je trouve c’est time skip inutile et gache l’histoire parce que ce que je vois actuellement c’est juste de gros spoil ne servant a rien et sortant de nul part….

  9. Y charbonne le bougue par contre niveau chronologie un peu de précision ne serai pas de refus. Même si on arrive à peut près à se situer dans le temps

  10. it’s normal we does’nt see the chapter wherre he passed the floor with the lezard, it’s look like it’s was a main story point for the webtoon

  11. Guys this chapter might be a bit confusing… But think about it, from the beginning of this story this is being narrated from the future MC. So every now and then a chapter (or a small part in a chapter) appears where the future MC (who is currently stuck in a high floor (maybe floor 60? Idk) and waiting for that Olympic archer newbie) is shown guiding the archer so he can clear the floor he is stuck on with her. Think of this story as a flashback from the future MC till the story reaches the floor where he permanently gets stuck.

  12. From what I remember… When I read this novel there used to be tens of chapters mixed in by accident(I think) and they never made sense. Apparently this seems to be a chapter from higher floors like 30-50. So yeah. A spoiler…

  13. for all that is confused, it’s not because there are missing chapters. it’s just a peak of lee’s future
    it doesn’t matter for now.
    (but it may matter in future chapters.)

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