I Raised A Black Dragon

I Raised A Black Dragon

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养成了黑幕龙흑막용을 키우게 되었다

Synopsis I Raised A Black Dragon

The witch, Eleanor Asil, has fifteen previous convictions.
And the transmigrator, Noah Park, had no intentions of being involved in the novel’s original plot of the dragon beheading the villainess. With that thought in mind, she abandoned her titles as The Wicked Witch and sought to live a long and peaceful life.
So she heads down to the countryside wrought with deep remorse for all her misdeeds. And all should be happy… or she thought.
“Please raise me!”
And so it would seem that she stumbled upon the heroine’s pet dragon — the black-haired kid that would turn ballistic and obsessive later on — imprinted the villainess as his mother. And to make matters worse, the male lead suspects her as the prime culprit of stealing the dragon.
“How long should I keep up with you?”
She thought he’d arrest her right away, but seems like the male lead was slowly becoming the dragon’s butler.
“Can I hug you?”
“Then… can you hold me?”
The villainess believes that the dragon needs a bit of taming.
‘Oh, male lead, won’t you sign a life contract as a real butler?’



One response to “I Raised A Black Dragon”

  1. Should have just killed everyone and left the country, especially that blonde prick, What the fuck is so difficult about not letting yourself get fucked over. NEVER take the blame for something you did not do, even if it takes longer to finish whatever trial processes were set up. If you have to threaten them with magic then do it. If you have to kill then do it. NEVER allow yourself to be on the losing side, just because it’s easier to bear, when you’ve done no wrong. Stay true to yourself, your conduct, and your story. If you can’t even do that then you deserve to get fucked over. That blonde prick got exactly what he wanted, and the reason was because the MC didn’t stay true. For the main investigatory deputy chief that guy is a fucking idiot.

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