The Super Doctor From 2089 - Chapter 288

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35 responses to “The Super Doctor From 2089”

  1. he’s on his way to becoming an immortal and he is a know it all doctor i don’t see how people keep saying *YOU CAN HELP ME!! :o* like fr mans brought you back to life what can he not do is the real question

  2. difference from novel, in novel,
    Xingyue’s sub. didnt do anything.
    mc beat everyone by himself.
    Chang Xiaomei came, she told mc to stop beat enermies. he didnt stop.
    She shot to his left leg.
    mc is mad at her and she feels very bad.

  3. this ye wutian is definitely not someone to mess with.. He is a completely different character than other manga MCs

  4. Fucking so stupid mc is useless no character growth just useless piece of shit full time waste 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. It’s funny how this author is so lazy that he bends his own story to extend it into a bunch of non-sensical chapters. This MC is supposed to be some miracle “sage” that’s 70 years forward into the future. He’s supposed to know a crap ton of medicine info that can save the world. Yet here we see him constantly failing over and over to save himself and his loved ones from being constantly attacked. Then the author goes on to plot armor anything that is convenient, whether it be characters, or certain aspects of currency that this guy somehow always has on hand. I’m also getting sick of the author constantly recycling how this dude gets “framed” every 2 seconds.

  6. It’s amazing, simply amazing. 2019 and this guy somehow just keeps millions of dollars worth of checks sitting around. Either hes a total retard, or the troll of an author is just pushing this crap to delay the plot.

  7. I don’t like the fact that he mass produced that beauty pill, if there is only one use then it should only be meant for the rich at a huge price, if he shows it to the entire world then he’s more or less advertising his product meaning if ordinary people could buy it then every single person will become handsome/beautiful… hear that everyone in the entire world.

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