SSS-Class Suicide Hunter - Chapter 81

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98 responses to “SSS-Class Suicide Hunter”

  1. Yo That Hurts I Know I didn’t even had dated anyone BC I don’t have someone 🤧 Well For me that’s enough BC I can still read just like this one.❤️

  2. what’s special about this mahna is: while there are many many many stories, where the mc is a player, or in a storie, this one actually shows us bad endings, before the mc succeeds. that’s unique.

  3. idk just seems like a choice to “shock” the readers. gold skill would be incredible later on down the line ngl. as an aoe skill it would straight up demolish everyone too weak and even wear strong opps down. but well, the other skills not that bad, even tho kinda useless, cuz he is immortal.

  4. ok so first, i thought he was 21 years old, but i don’t really care now, good hes dead, no dragged out revenge, its good to read sometimes, immediate satisfaction. but mc is now kinda a douche, can’t wait how it turns out in the futurd

  5. dude straight up time travelled. pretty sure he wont kill an child, mayb we’ll see a much nicer emperor. if he does kill him, its kinda sick and im all there for it

  6. If you would like to read ‘me and our scapegoat’, it is called ‘The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas’ in real life

  7. First of all his hand writing is actually insane

    And secondly the sword was too nice to be a random one but to the point of being a godess that’s kinda nuts

  8. I getting so emotional just by reading it… It makes me remember why my dad left us to mom….🥲🥲🥲 It’s one of the best manhwa I read so far….

  9. This is getting interesting and exciting even though i didn’t understand the other part, but it’s so good, thanks to the creator

  10. I’m surprised the MC maintain his sanity after killing himself so many times. The pain of stabbing himself 4,050 times.

  11. Bro this librarian represents literally everyone reading this. Cancelation, cancelation, cancelationnn, and then the next chapter takes forever to come out. And at least me (me) has like this intellectual talk abt my favorite MC’s when nobody else gives a shit :(. Bruh I feel u librarian

  12. “Don’t believe in yourself, believe in me whobelieves in you.”

    Ah, TTGL reference, I see that the translators are well cultured men/women.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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