Mr. Flirting, My Doting Brothers

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Mr. Flirting, My Doting BrothersMy Big Brother is Seeking Death AgainMy Daring BrothersWhat Should I Do With My Brother?家兄又在作死

Martial Arts
Slice of Life
Synopsis Mr. Flirting, My Doting Brothers

Mr. Flirting, My Doting Brothers

A magic app forces Xia Shi to abandon her normal life and become a delivery girl across time and space. Upon completing her final multidimensional delivery, she’s swept away to another world. A world of god-like beings known as celestials, a world of demons and ginormous winged kitty cats? What the heck kind of world is this?! Can Xia convince one of these celestials to take her home? And why does their leader, the Grand Master, seemingly despise her?
The top master in Cultivation world is a damn single and has been single for thousands years. No mention of a girlfriend, not even a sister. That is the reason why he saves his enemy's sister.
Step 1: Save her and bring her up
Step 2: Teach her cultivation skills to protect herself and insist to tell her bedtime stories to create himself a great image
Step 3: Send her jewels that most women like to dress her up
That is what a perfect brother should do.
Sister, "What the hell does this pervert who pulls me up every night to tell me ghost-like stories want to do?"



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