Martial God Asura - Chapter 666

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40 responses to “Martial God Asura”

  1. Why is this mc so passive, probably one of reason he’s so slow in cultivation cuz of his power maybe, but if people are trying to help him, he just keeps on refusing even when he needs it.

  2. Please Upload more chapters and quickly . We readers can’t wait . This Manga is just to AWESOME . The best piece I have got so far .

  3. 1st page: I will never involve my family again
    Also 1st page: let’s pick up big brother

    sigh… smh…..

  4. I already know what’s gonna happen in the ending end of the chapter.
    Well I guess I’ll pretend that I didn’t know it.😙😙😙😏😏

  5. I don’t think he’s going to halt his progress. He’s got too much going for him…he’s honest, he’s loyal to those he loves and those that gives him a helping hand…even to the point of giving up his life, he never forgets a debt, and when he feels that justice is due, he will execute it to the fullest of what justice should served, and he kills without mercy if that’s what is required of the situation. He also values those who are his seniors, though he knows that he’s much more powerful than they.

  6. Actually nothing gets Halted he will learn there people who are more powerful than him because of there age right? And that will motivate him to become stronger than everyone one which is very good

  7. yes i agree hes to drunk on power right now something bad is to come maybe his cultivation will be halted or he will become arrogant and face an opponent more powerful than him which will make him realize he isn’t the most powerful

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