Useless Wizard

Useless Wizard

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底辺魔術士 - 底辺魔術士~工作スキルでリスタート~ -

Martial Arts
Synopsis Useless Wizard

The Useless Wizard, the embodiment of weakness in Fortelnia,

a realm where one's destiny hinges upon their inherent "existence power" rank, a trait assigned at birth. Aruto, bearing the lowest rank imaginable [☆1], harbors such feeble abilities that even his beloved, Hanna, falls victim to the world's most formidable mage, Gamizin. Consumed by remorse, Aruto, in the aftermath of Hannah's tragic demise,

is offered an extraordinary opportunity for a fresh start after death – a chance at redemption. Armed with his divine gift of "crafting skills" bestowed by the divine,

he embarks on a quest for a second chance at saving Hannah's life.

Within the intricate tapestry of this manga-inspired world, Aruto's tale weaves a captivating narrative. His journey unfolds with a blend of heart-pounding action, clever plot twists, and emotionally charged moments, reminiscent of the finest manga creations. The storyline showcases Aruto's transformation from a Useless Wizard to a hero of unparalleled prowess.

As Aruto's adventures progress, his crafting skills evolve, granting him a newfound strength that astounds even the most astute readers. Each meticulously illustrated panel unveils the intricate details of his journey, accentuating the dramatic shifts in his existence power. The once-hapless protagonist steadily rises in rank, growing ever closer to the formidable Gamizin.

Transitioning seamlessly between worlds, the manga portrays the duality of existence power, mirroring the very essence of life itself. Aruto's ascent from obscurity to eminence encapsulates the core theme, punctuated by the intensity of his encounters with Gamizin.

With every stroke of the artist's pen and each well-chosen word, the manga immerses its readers in the fantastical realm of Fortelnia, where the Useless Wizard's quest unfolds, defying destiny and showcasing the indomitable power of the human spirit.



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