Leveling With The Gods - Chapter 116

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59 responses to “Leveling With The Gods”

  1. This skill is a cheat skill later when he engages in a big fight y’all will see how crazy these flames are. I think this skill would perfectly suit Itachi 😂

  2. “Are you free for a quick chat?”. Why does this sound like a marketing scheme you get through calls lol….

  3. Any recommendations on manhuas like this where mc goes back in time in an apocalyptic world and there’s a tower that you need to go past trials? I’ve been searching for some in yt but there was nothing that peek my interest 🤔

  4. I don’t think so? I think it makes any parts of his body get a huge amount of strength I think…?

  5. I love when mc doesn’t care about anyone, and he is solo cause I really don’t want mc to be distracted on his goal,

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