Leveling Up With Likes

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Synopsis Leveling Up With Likes

My name is Jicheok Eum. Just an ordinary hunter assistant. I was living diligently while cleaning up the corpses of monsters. But one day, my grandfather who passed away long back appeared in my dream, and after that… ‘People began giving me likes and I awakened as a hunter.’ Grandpa, was this the reason you named your grandson Jicheok Eum? [literaly, Thumbs up]



4 responses to “Leveling Up With Likes”

  1. Its annoying because half way through it feels like you swtiched the Protoganist to the MC’s Brother because he got more op then him and has a better backstory then him which is annoying because the reason why there is something called a “Protoganist” is because the story revolves around him and his growth yet you suddenly started to turn the story torwards some randomass side charactor who literally leched of his brothers success to become strong and awaken.

    I came here to read a story about the mc not this fucking side charactor, fuck you aurthor waisted by time.

  2. Funny how no one other than the main character is allowed to come to correct conclusions and perform basic observation, like pointing out the demon wanting human sacrifices. That would’ve made more sense if a no name character pointed it out and the protagonist countermined that by revealing his observation skill or even just using talk-no-jutsu or something. Because at the moment the story is following a very basic wish fulfilment narrative with little to no innovation and nothing added to the already over used theme/setting this story runs on. It’s kinda annoying, but I put up with it because I like Korean Hunter and Dungeon/Tower/Crack/Portal/whatever stories.

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