Is This Hero for Real? - Chapter 57

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17 responses to “Is This Hero for Real?”

  1. Isn’t it a bit contradictory that a god who was baptized Outsider and who is a lone wolf wants his apostle to go to an academy, where he will be surrounded by people and establish relationships, even if it is that of companions or student-teacher?

  2. Wow, what a completely delusional guy. Even in the most clise of harem manga or anime, the protagonist first meets the heroine, or saves her, or they may clash, over a misunderstanding or other issue, but he doesn’t go and introduce himself by saying I’m the hero, admire me.

  3. This is my least favorite kind of development. The most popular stories are the ones with tangible character growth, and yet they think they’re being clever by going against that. It just makes it annoying.

  4. Slime is added additional without any specific and when he catch them , plz donot add things that are not present before out of no were .

  5. To be honest I didn’t like the FFF Trashhero I think it lacks the excitement and the mystery that we wanted to see.

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