I Have an Apocalyptic Underground City - Chapter 187

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7 responses to “I Have an Apocalyptic Underground City”

  1. So… on the last panel what’s the manga on the top left? Lol how am I going to read it if the title isn’t translated??? Make me curious!!!!!!!

  2. Bad translation is one thing, but for the words to be this small… sheesh! It’s hard enough having bad eyesight ugh. Have some consideration for your readers. It gets annoying to constantly enlarge page.

  3. I want to cry in frustration reading this. The material seems great and I want to read it, but the translation is actually confusing me on whats happening. Like the whole leveling up thing. I’ll keep going but it might have to end.

  4. Whats with all the extra letters added in the translation. It’s really bad, last chapter was really bad with vocabulary and punctuation. Editor/Translator needs a proofreader.

  5. whoever translated this really needs a proofreader. There were a ton of misspellings and errors while reading this. Hopefully translation goes better since the manwha seems interesting.

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