F-Class Destiny Hunter

F-Class Destiny Hunter

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F級四柱推命ハンター〜運命を強奪せよ〜F급 사주 헌터

Martial Arts
Synopsis F-Class Destiny Hunter

F-Class Destiny Hunter

In a world where destiny picks one's power, Seo Gangrim was born with the worst fate as an F-Class Destiny Hunter. Although he awakened as a hunter, he stood at the absolute bottom. One day, assassins ambushed him. However, right before dying, he returned to his past. Seo Gangrim then decided never to leave his life to destiny again.

Subsequently, Seo Gangrim trained and worked hard to change his destiny. While training, he came upon a hidden dungeon that no one had discovered before. After exploring the new area, he obtained a skill called "Destiny Stealing" which allowed him to steal other powers. With continuous training, Seo Gangrim became stronger and rose from the bottom of the F-Class.

Eventually, Seo Gangrim encountered the assassins again who had killed his teammates initially. This time, however, he defeated them with ease using his newfound powers and skills. News of Seo Gangrim’s feats and accomplishments spread throughout the hunter world. His destiny began to change as he became a rising star.

Many powerful clans and organizations sought Seo Gangrim, attracted by his limitless potential and ability to change destiny. Seo Gangrim finally found new comrades who accepted him for who he was. Together, they explored dangerous dungeons, embarked on perilous quests, and faced formidable foes. Seo Gangrim continued progressing and improving his skills through each challenge and obstacle.

From the boy with the worst destiny, Seo Gangrim transformed into a hero who inspired countless others that they too could change their destiny. His story spread like wildfire and became a highly-acclaimed manga. Seo Gangrim's journey from the bottom to the top, marked by hard work and perseverance against the odds, resonated with many readers. He demonstrated that destiny was not set in stone and could be altered through continuous self-improvement and determination.



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