Cultivating the supreme dantian - Chapter 246

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8 responses to “Cultivating the supreme dantian”

  1. At this point there’s no excuse for not kicking her out. Sure she made the bet, but with his property. Take the talisman, throw her the fuck out. Who cares about her true identity, she’s not worth it.

  2. I don’t approve of this method the author is using. It’s just wasteful for no reason, and that butterfly demon was given 1, yet she has wasted so many.

  3. it’s always the fucking annoying bitched that gets paired with the mc, like this just makes me drop this. Does demon girl want a fucking treasure that is worth a whole immortal dynasty just to taste it? fucking retarded. she already ate so many treasures a level below immortal pill and still wasting them. it just annoyed me so much.

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