Baek XX

Baek XX

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Baek XX - White XX - แบคXX - 白XX - 백XX -

Martial Arts
Synopsis Baek XX

Baek XX

In the intricate tapestry of deceit and kinship, Federal Informant 'Baek Yisu'

and the criminal gang's enigmatic boss, 'Baek Dogyeong,' stand as mirror images—twin brothers leading divergent lives. Despite sharing identical faces, their destinies have diverged, weaving a complex narrative.

(Yisu) finds himself ensnared in the treacherous web of the criminal underworld, betrayed by those he once called allies. In an audacious move, he discards his identity, assuming the mantle of his estranged twin, (Dogyeong). This metamorphosis, a desperate bid for survival, thrusts the federal agent into the heart of the criminal organization,

blurring the lines between justice and deception.

As the manga unfurls, the duality of (Baek XX) takes center stage. The narrative navigates the intricate dance of loyalty, betrayal,

and identity as (Yisu) grapples with his new role—soon to ascend as the gang's unsuspecting leader. The pages of the manga bear witness to a riveting tale where the boundaries between right and wrong, duty and vendetta, blur in the shadowy realm the (Baek XX) inhabit.

Transitioning seamlessly between the roles of informant and gang leader, (Yisu) becomes a narrative linchpin, embodying the dichotomy of his existence. Each frame of the manga unveils the complexities of this clandestine world, with (Baek XX) at its epicenter—a story of fractured kinship and the convergence of disparate destinies.

Within the confines of the manga, readers are beckoned to unravel the enigma of (Baek XX). The tension builds with each turn of the page, propelling the audience into a realm where the threads of brotherhood and betrayal intertwine—a narrative that challenges perceptions and keeps the audience captivated by the ever-shifting dynamics of (Baek XX)'s clandestine world.



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