Weak Hero - Chapter 236

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84 responses to “Weak Hero”

  1. It would be cool to see shi yeong buff up. It would maybe undermine the ‘weak’ aspect but it would be coop to see him have more options in a fight. Would be somewhat realistic if he becomes slightly addicted to fighting.

  2. Ace’s death was tragic 😭😭😭. I feel you Jake
    And the author is one hell of a one piece fan 😂😂

  3. That’s the fking reaction I’m looking for Unlike those Manhua’s MC their Attitude is not convincing and the emotions are not expressed properly

  4. I would love to see Gray beat Jared up but it’s unnecessary to make his hands dirty even more so just let that Wolf guy finish him off (✿^‿^)

  5. It must be so hard to share his sensitive past but still, I’m glad that MC has such nice and fun guys by his side now 🤧 I like them even more. I hope that new guy Rowan don’t be like that mf that cause MC to be gloomy who I don’t even remember his name

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