Volcanic Age - Chapter 273

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178 responses to “Volcanic Age”

  1. nerf the hell you saying this is when they add hella strong people to make the mc haven to get hella strong 🙂

  2. whoa that’s something i actually didn’t know hmm i see so your saying the body should be a fortress and the energy is the core to the fortress sounds neet gives me a idea for a novel

  3. sigh i find it depressing i find 2d women attractive why can’t i be normal and only like real women ;-;

  4. it is wise to humble those who aren’t humble they will act badly in front of the wrong people and could die so it is a very thoughtful thing to do

  5. ahem training his skeleton and muscles and eating elixirs he has grown way bigger then most people his age tho his body will soon reach it’s growth limit but that dose not mean he has reached his martial growth limit

  6. He’s not 6’5″ lol, they’re all children. He’s also the oldest by a year or two, and he’s growing faster than normal.

  7. @ATG you’re totally right. That beauty strategist only would have seen that incident like a miracle cause he didn’t reveal his ability. And the news was like his was his heart was crushed and he was thrown to the river. Anyone would think that he is dead.

  8. I thought his master was a woman at first. Did the author change their mind in the novel and just genderbent her to a him? 😂

  9. If you’re reading this then your parents will die in 5 years. To undo this curse you have to paste this comment on 5 more Manga. I’m so sorry please forgive me

  10. Imma keep reading this till the end of this. Also the eung kye looked more like a girl than a boy. A long hair is the only thing before he looks more of a perfect looking girl.

  11. Heyyy. I know that pose. It’s a pose where you stab opponents by long range with vital attacks. It can kill you if the whole attack was successful.

  12. The unrestrained realm is tempting but the bone thing is better than that. Unrestrained realm gives power but your body isn’t complete for it.

  13. All I can say is Amen!!!! Next is poison king I’d hoped that he dies a horrible death too bad this monk should of die a horrible death but oh well that’s very satisfying

  14. 10 heavenly emperor strength really on another level . Combine forces of all martial artist rank below h.e doesnt stand a chance . Its funny seing the spear dragon died instantly

  15. Ngl Mc feels like that one brother who you never see and when you do he’s like “Hey little bro want to go rob a gas station!”

  16. Why not send the idiot with his army and let him proof mcs point? Loosing an incompetent friend is better than dying together…

  17. This guy wants 100 chapters of MC doing sword swings and exercises, lol. Time skips there because nothing of note happened during those years. I admit I’m not a big fan of time skips, and they’re often a sign of bad writing, but I don’t have a problem with how they’re being used here, though the transitions could be a bit smoother. Also, Why do we need buildup for some rando being a jealous bitch? I don’t understand any of your opinions.

  18. I feel so lonely in the comments but, past readers and future readers I hope you continue reading this masterpiece 🙇

  19. That sequence where the small ghost came down the ceiling to give the MC his sword was absolutely cold 🥶

  20. “Oh, this old bow and arrow? Just a hobby of mine, no biggie”
    *proceeds to demolish the Poison Valley and its entire population of insects with one shot*

  21. He has too much restrictions on him. First is his clan. Second is his identity. Third is the heavenly demonic faction. Third is his kindness and caring personality. U get rid of that he becomes unstoppable. *Sigh*

  22. I can imagine the mc surpassing this gramps and having a forced second duel. I can’t wait. When is the time skip 😄 Btw hello future and past readers 👋

  23. Bro it’s just showing the situation of murim after their hero passed away, its totally shaken and those close to him find it difficult to belive(i dont belive he has told the others about his new ability after reaching mystic realm)

  24. Why such a emotional built up?

    We all know that he got power of time reversal (or full regeneration) once per day as he entered mystic realm during his fight with blood demon.

    With the story circulating around, sister Zhuge should have realised that he is still alive as she saw their fight first hand, and hence there is no need for her to cry. Some brilliant strategist she is if she can’t perceive something this simple.

  25. Shit.. when there is no next chapter button tsk more please 😭😭 ha I’m excited to see what mc will do next.. kill that bastard Alkaid and those from the dark heaven sect

  26. I love seeing bad guys suffer. When they lose and when they cry, its my daily medicine, my source of happiness, my inspiration, my will to live and my daily dose of serotonin ( ꈍᴗꈍ)♡♡

  27. Im out, the story is sh*t, wtf with time skip and the girl already call him senior brother, not to mention that other guy coming to him to warn about he being close with the girl, too sudden, too quick, no build up, just no.

  28. Wow, I can’t believe they’d skip over the master getting a sex change between the last chapter and this one. Did the translator not bother looking at the art when deciding on which pronouns to use? She very much looks more like a woman than a man, especially in the shrunk, cartoony face that shows up from time to time.

  29. Even though he is actually an old man that went back in time , he is still a kid now , atleast when it comes to his master he is still like a kid ( he is actually trying his best to not look so weird by acting like old man when he is a kid )

  30. Ohhh hi there again future Reader ? hahaha i hope you did have a good time?you may not see me again in the other chapter but continue to enjoy reading?

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