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Cruise -Ishi Yamada Kouhei Koukaishi- - クルーズ 医師山田公平航海誌 -

Martial Arts
Slice of Life
Synopsis Cruise

Cruise unfolds the narrative of Dr. Yamada Kohei, a medical professional

who forsakes landlubber life for a ship's physician role on Japan's luxury liner, the Phoenix. This manga delves into the human drama aboard the vessel,

where Yamada rejects the conventional path of academia to learn about life firsthand from passengers. Serialized by Big Comic, this beautifully poignant manga explores the intricacies of existence.

Transitioning into the manga dimension, Cruise becomes a visual spectacle,

capturing the essence of life's unfolding drama on the high seas. Each frame immerses readers in the unique stories of passengers aboard the Phoenix,

creating a poignant tapestry of human connections and emotions. Manga enthusiasts are drawn into a world where the ship becomes a microcosm of life's joys, sorrows, and unexpected encounters.

In this manga odyssey, the author, Yajima Masao-sensei, weaves a narrative that transcends the confines of medical dramas. The storytelling seamlessly shifts from one passenger's tale to another, navigating the emotional landscapes of those aboard the Phoenix. The manga explores the profound impact of shared moments, expressed through the lens of Dr. Yamada Kohei's unconventional choice to serve as a ship's physician.

Cruise is not merely a collection of stories; it's a reflection on the human condition, presented with artistic finesse. The narratives compiled within the manga, including the poignant story of a passenger facing terminal cancer, highlight the interconnectedness of lives on the ship. Yajima Masao-sensei's unique perspective, previously showcased in SORA, brings a fresh and compassionate lens to the world of cruise ships, shifting from airplane passengers to the maritime realm in a seamless exploration of human experiences.



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