To Face The Tiger

To Face The Tiger

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Martial Arts
Synopsis To Face The Tiger

To Face The Tiger, a narrative unfolds, centered around Baekseon, a Sangun/god presiding over the mountain,

and Jaechun, a mountain girl endowed with magical abilities. To Face The Tiger, their journey commences with Jaechun serving Baekseon as her master,

yet harboring a clandestine desire for Baekseon’s ethereal skin.

Despite an undercurrent of mistrust between them,

a shared objective binds their fates — the pursuit of a special leopard,

a mystical creature believed to possess the ability to extract the essence of life from unsuspecting individuals.

To Face The Tiger, Jaechun's role as a servant to Baekseon introduces a dynamic interplay of power and longing.

Amidst the mystique of their mountainous surroundings,

Jaechun's magical powers and Baekseon's godly dominion create an intricate backdrop for their unfolding tale.

The narrative weaves a delicate dance between obedience and desire,

as Jaechun navigates the complexities of her servitude, concealing her true intentions beneath a façade of loyalty.

To Face The Tiger, the precarious trust between Baekseon

and Jaechun adds a layer of suspense to their quest for the elusive leopard. Each step of their journey is marked by a palpable tension, a blend of collaboration and individual agendas. The mystical aura surrounding the coveted creature heightens the stakes,

as they grapple with the enigma of the leopard's life-draining capabilities.

To Face The Tiger, the plot unfolds like the turning pages of a mesmerizing manga. Transitioning seamlessly between moments of alliance and discord, the story captures the essence of their tumultuous relationship. The illustrations breathe life into the characters, conveying the nuances

of their emotions as they confront the challenges laid before them.

To Face The Tiger, the thematic core revolves around the elusive nature of trust and the convergence of divergent desires. As the characters navigate the treacherous terrain of their quest, readers are drawn into a captivating world where alliances are fragile, and motivations are shrouded in mystery. The manga skillfully balances suspense and emotion, delivering a compelling narrative that transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling.



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