Home Sweet Home: Living With My Celebrity Boyfriend

Home Sweet Home: Living With My Celebrity Boyfriend

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Co-Living With My IdolYu Mingxing Nanyou De Tongju ShenghuoYǔ Míngxīng Nányǒu De Tóngjū Shēnghuó与明星男友同居的生活与明星男友的同居生活與明星男友的同居生活

Slice of Life
Synopsis Home Sweet Home: Living With My Celebrity Boyfriend

A Mainland Chinese boy band suddenly rises to the top as the country’s most popular idol group. An ordinary girl who works in a convenience store bumps into one of the members in a serendipitous encounter, moving the idol’s heart with her gentle kindness. They move in together and start a sweet life full of drama and heartwarming moments. Will Prince Charming and Cinderella get their happily ever after?



4 responses to “Home Sweet Home: Living With My Celebrity Boyfriend”

  1. I really don’t know this is webtoon or novel ? but , i really like it. Can you written more episode ? Please 🤗 this is the 1st thing i like it . I got inspiration from this . I wants too see new episode . I’m only 13 years old. I’m from India 🇮🇳 . Please please please write new episode . When you come india you can meet me . I’m so happy when you meet me . I wants too see you & meet you . I cant write english proper but please trying to read for me 🤗

  2. Wait till marriage! Then what’s the point of reading this series if you know their is no chance of him getting lucky, a night a passion. Heck even them just doing it regularly as a couple. Also I hope this guy dosnt devolve in a simp/beta.

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