The Villainess Wants to Die Gracefully

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Penjahat Ingin Mati dengan AnggunThe Villainess Wants to Die Gracefully反派想要优雅的死去악역은 곱게 죽고 싶다

Synopsis The Villainess Wants to Die Gracefully

After a failed attempt at ending her own life, our female lead is reborn in the body of a blood sucking Vampire who is unable to die.
To her dismay, she discovers that she is Luna, the Final Boss of the Novel, "The Hunter and the Saintess,", which she read before jumping to her death.
She realizes that her once chance at a clean death is the prolonged and painful end, destined for her at the hands of the novel's protagonists.
"Please, can't i just die in Peace?!!!"
With centuries to go until the protagonists are even born, Luna launches a multi-generational master plan to change the course of the original story. If the protagonists are provided will all the tools and benefits they need, they could destroy her with ease, allowing her to end things in peace.
For centuries, Luna executes this mater plan, only to have her own involvement interrupt her desired outcomes at each turn.
With powerful abilities and influence of noble houses at her fingertips, will Luna's plans to find and raise her fated killers succeed?
Will she get the peaceful death she desires?



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