The Price of Breaking Up

The Price of Breaking Up

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The Price of Separation - 婚約破棄の対価 - 解除婚约的代价 - 파혼의 대가 -

Martial Arts
Synopsis The Price of Breaking Up

The Price of Breaking Up couldn't have been more surreal. It was as if the divine had orchestrated a cosmic jest by declaring

that the daughter of Marquis Lurhtella would be the chosen companion for His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince. The proclamation, an oracle from the heavens, seemed infallible. How could such a celestial decree be mistaken? Little did I know that my entire existence was about to undergo a radical transformation.

From the moment of my birth, I was destined to become the Crown Princess,

diligently preparing for my future role as an esteemed Empress. Yet, in the blink of an eye, everything crumbled. Overnight, my power, status, and public perception took an unforeseen nosedive. Despite my conviction that his love for me would remain unwavering, he unceremoniously informed me of our engagement's annulment. Thus, it all unraveled between us, and relinquishing everything proved surprisingly more manageable than anticipated. However...

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Princess Pesentria,” he uttered, extending a hand towards me, the owner of the temple.

Silence lingered.

“Speaking of the temple's proprietor, I wonder if you remember me.” His divine power, the most potent in the Empire, reached out to me. The question lingered—could I grasp his hand?

Throughout this tumultuous journey, the pervasive theme became clear: manga. The intricacies of my shattered romance and changing destiny unfolded like the pages of a captivating manga. The panels of my life turned, revealing unforeseen twists

and turns, akin to the dramatic narratives found in these illustrated tales.

As the threads of fate intertwined, the narrative of my life mirrored the captivating stories found within the pages of manga.

The Price of Breaking Up, a title etched into my existence,

resonated not only as a personal saga but as a reflection of the unpredictable nature of life itself. The celestial irony that governed my destiny was akin to the plot twists

and turns that define the captivating world of manga.



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