The Player that can’t Level Up - Chapter 149

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61 responses to “The Player that can’t Level Up”

  1. i wish they would do big drops once a month because the chapters are so short ik i can just wait a month and read them at once but knowing theyre here i cant do that lol

  2. Damn bro. I feel your pain. I too am going through a break up. The only difference, mines didn’t die 😓 RIP Elle

  3. Do you guys hear that… it’s sounds like a little crab at the bottom of the ocean. I can’t quite make out what it’s saying. Something about moody or moony. Well what ever it is, it wont shut up about it. LMAO

  4. It’s gonna be one of those take your shirt off, place your face on the floor, and pray kinda dumps. I don’t envy you bro. LMAO

  5. Oh what little that fancy paperweight will do you. Can’t wait to see the look on his face when it gets absorbed * insert manic laughter* this is gonna be great.

  6. The strongest guys in our guild are gone. So if one of us weak plebeians beats him then we’ll be in charge… All logic out the window lmao

  7. Are…are they gonna kiss. Lmao. also that face he was making in the waiting room. Dude I’m friggen dieing.

  8. I assume he means his ego swords leveling up since them getting stronger makes him stronger in return.

  9. Don’t worry some far off gods probably gonna unlock his full potential in a few chapters. Hopefully this one doesn’t end as soon as Solo did

  10. fuck- i mean how the heck is park ji sung man with two hearts =__…….. isnt he the man with 3 lungs bruh

  11. You know. I know how getting angry won’t probably makes sense since he was a level 1 for 5 years buuuuut remember that he was tortured by the iron guild and they probably even made fun of him. So technically people making fun of him now causes him a PTSD effect but instead of panicking he gets angry

  12. Mc already got the elixir. He should be content and happy. What’s up with this dark side? Does author mean 5 year of mental training as the weakest did nothing at all?

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