The Player Hides His Past

The Player Hides His Past

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The Player Hiding His Past - 隐瞒黑历史的玩家 - 隱藏過去的玩家 - 플레이어가 과거를 숨김 -

Martial Arts
Synopsis The Player Hides His Past

The Player Hides His Past as the real world finds itself suddenly ambushed by unforeseen

rifts that threaten to unleash a horde of monsters from the virtual realm of the game “Chronicles of Arcana.” Only those designated as "players" possess the ability to seal these disruptive rifts. These players, in a peculiar turn of fate, wake up embodying the avatars they crafted during their gaming experiences,

equipped with identical statistics and skills. Unfortunately for our protagonist, Lee Hoyeol, his awakening is far from glamorous. In an ironic twist, his in-game character mirrors the persona he meticulously designed during

the awkward phase of his middle school years, complete with the cringe-worthy mannerisms

and speech that accompany such memories. The Player Hides His Past in the virtual shadows,

yet destiny thrusts him into a role that demands he confront his adolescent quirks head-on.

The question that looms large is how he will transcend his cringelord past

and emerge as the hero that humanity desperately requires.

The Player Hides His Past, struggling with the incongruity of embodying a character he thought he had left behind,

grapples with the challenge that fate has thrust upon him. His journey to become the savior humanity needs is riddled

with the echoes of his awkward adolescence, a theme that pervades the narrative like a leitmotif.

As he navigates this surreal terrain, the Player Hides His Past not only from the world but also from himself,

attempting to reconcile his present with the manga-like caricature of his past self.

In the world shaped by the rifts from Chronicles of Arcana, where reality blurs with the fantastical elements of the game,

the Player Hides His Past behind the guise of his cringelord avatar.

The transition from a mundane existence to a larger-than-life quest is mirrored in the manga-esque twists

and turns of his story. Each encounter becomes a page in the unfolding manga of his destiny,

with the Player Hides His Past gradually evolving from the awkward figure

of his youth into the hero that the narrative demands.



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