The Duke’S Hidden Baby: Bogo! - Chapter 222

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17 responses to “The Duke’S Hidden Baby: Bogo!”

  1. So he’s so incredibly naive that it doesn’t occur to him to have the cup the boy drank from be taken away and use the saliva to compare the DNA, or better yet, the two of them go to three different hospitals together to do the analysis using hair, blood, saliva Instead he lets the mother give him the sample. Yes of course.

  2. Oh no… poor baby… it’s never okay for anyone to be drugged; I’d rather she had just pretended to drop her glass or spill it or something…

  3. Ohhhhh, NOW we’re getting somewhere. The author finally chooses to reveal more of the mom’s backstory.
    She was a spy before and hired to kill princey boy, but she fell for him instead got pregnant, and left her spy agency, so the boss of her spy agency wants her dead because of what she knows/ leaving

  4. Many women really don’t like to be physically intimate with someone they don’t have a secure relationship with; they’ll often end up regretting it

  5. Honestly… I feel her, but at this point she’s putting their lives in jeopardy because she’s not sharing what she knows

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