Song of The Sky Walkers - Chapter 115

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2 responses to “Song of The Sky Walkers”

  1. The earth quaking because of a worm is by technicality still an earthquake lol, just caused by a creature instead. Cute though >:D

  2. Chinese comics are interesting how they handle geography. In many comics they don’t even mention the name “China” can cities such as “City X” (lol). However in stories such as this one they mention “Chinese sea” but the sea itself seems much larger. Is it just the region around China? Do these comics create some fantasy version of China that is 100x times larger? Do these comics pretend that places like Japan or Russia or Africa or America don’t exist? In ancient China other regions were commonly mentioned as “barbarians”… however these barbarians were really just regions in what is China today. Back in the day of ancient China… the “country/dynatsy” we today refer to as China, was at it’s height actually pretty small when compared to have large China “Pre-Tibet occupation” was. So the barbarians referred to in these comics were actually just people that today would be referred to as Chinese.

    So yeah… this is one of the things that have always irked me about Chinese comics. What the hell is going on the rest of the world while China is going around cultivating?

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