Shenwu Tianzun - Chapter 589

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15 responses to “Shenwu Tianzun”

  1. Why is mc always sp dumb when it comes to revengeful people? It’s obvious they’ll want to eliminate a traitor of the family, especially given the fact that we’re in a survival of the fittest type verse

  2. This isn’t exactly ‘1 punch break it’, as long as author doesn’t stretch this battle out for 5 chapters like normal i’m satisfied

  3. I kinda understand why the old dude got mad, he might’ve been a bit too rude but if you ask someone to join your team to save the city and instead of saying no or any form of polite declining they just ignore you while staring you down everyone would get annoyed in the slightest.

  4. What a shitty plot, the next 100 chapters are way too obvious, i just wonder how much trouble our mc will get from her being kidnapped and a couple guys beings slaughtered…

  5. Mc should really drop the arrogant act a bit, he’s actually kinda weak since he always ends up almost dying to minions who through the chapters get a bit stronger, just compromise with the old guy and maybe attack after training a bit…

  6. So mc breaking free (he hasn’t contributed much since resurrecting) is enough for the people who were hopeless to instantly dominate the field?

  7. Mc kinda dumb for not changing his name, if your archenemy is searching for you while you are weak you should probably make it a bit more difficult for him…

  8. How does every villain have a whole gang teleporting to them after they’ve been beaten but our ‘all powerful’ mc can’t even save a single of his 5 followers in time

  9. even the chapters r short ..still i kind of like the story ..the creator have show the diff perception of life of a reincarnated

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