She No Longer Wields Her Sword

She No Longer Wields Her Sword

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여기사는 더이상 검을 들지 않았다

Martial Arts
Synopsis She No Longer Wields Her Sword

She No Longer Wields Her Sword

When Ludia Centrin uttered the Oath of the Sword to protect Prince Frau, little did she know she would soon surrender her blade. Falsely accused of treason, she was executed, no longer able to wield her sword in defense of her liege.

Meanwhile, in a twist of fate, Count Reinhardt's daughter Elfreda perished in an accident. Transitioning, Ludia was granted a new life and awoke with Elfreda's memories in a foreign yet familiar body. Bestowed with divine gifts beyond her comprehension, she found her sword hand stayed.

As Ludia explored her new form, she discovered powers as unfamiliar as they were immense. However, the secret behind her unjust demise lingered out of reach. Determined to unravel the truth behind her manga-esque reincarnation, she set out on a quest for answers and justice.

Though her oath as a swordmaiden was severed, in this second chance at life, her duty remained intact. No longer able to raise her blade in defense of her prince, she was reforged and empowered to protect the kingdom that had forsaken her. Her new abilities were as weighty as the obligations that accompanied them.

In this new incarnation, the swordswoman-turned-sorceress traded her steel for spells. Bereft of herclosest companion, the weapon that had defined her for so long, she persevered. galvanized not by vengeance but a desire to shield her homeland from shadows that lurked, waiting to devour all she held dear.

The woman who once wielded naught but her sword now grasped forces beyond reckoning. No longer bound by her sacred vows as a
swordmaiden, her commitment to her kingdom endured intact. Her oath may have been cut short, but her duty remained.



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