Secretary Disqualification

Secretary Disqualification

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Am seidenen FadenBeloved SecretaryBiseo SilgyeogMy Lovely Secretary (Bihyang)Secretary DisqualificationSur le Filเลขาคิมที่รัก秘書失格비서실격

Synopsis Secretary Disqualification

From secretary to VIP? From her first days in this big fashion group

Mi Yeong stood out and her boss was the first to find her ... surprising. A shame when we know that it was hired to be as commonplace as possible and especially not to attract the eye of this torturer of hearts. Can't we cheat fate ?!



5 responses to “Secretary Disqualification”

  1. How emotionally weak the fl is, the first problem and she already collapses. So much so that she separates the professional from the personal that she leaves without taking the documents, disobeys him as a secretary, by not waiting and not even evaluating the situation and the response of the protagonist.

  2. If the secretary had already sent her to investigate, at least someone else knew about it, the one who sent her the information, so there was always the possibility that it was known. She didn’t know if she had already sent it to her boss or the other person did and hadn’t read the message yet. It went from a termination and a case of industrial espionage or copyright theft, lost profits lawsuit to attempted murder, or at the very least, assault and battery. Very bad choice.

  3. I think what the protagonist did was perfect. She tells him that she loves him while he is asleep, which is the same as not telling him, since he won’t find out, but she gets upset when she sees that he wasn’t really asleep. He likes to keep secrets unnecessarily. If she knows someone went to that university and in the same year, as his secretary it is her duty to tell him, not to decide for him. If the other scares her, she should tell him, he is someone powerful, the protagonist has more means to protect her. Brain injuries can cause behavioral change in the personality, it could have some consequences due to the brain tumor and the operation.

  4. That “No… it can’t be” is a problem. One does not proceed like that in an investigation looking for a spy or traitor. If you remember that someone went to X university, or you think it’s possible, it’s best to say so. Actually, since it’s normal for it to be listed, put the HR department on the lookout for all design employees who went to that university and employees of the company in general, second. Of course, they may have approached an employee who went to another one and bribed him, or someone who is a relative of the woman or one of her employees, for example, works in the company, but if you have a lead you follow it, you don’t rely on emotions, you rely on facts.

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