Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

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만 년 만에 귀환한 플레이어

Synopsis Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

One day, out of the blue, he falls into hell. All he has with him is his desire to live and predatory powers. From the thousandth hell to the nine thousandth, he‘s devoured tens and hundreds of thousands of demons, and even the seven archdukes bowed down to him. “Why do you wish to go back? Your Highness already has everything in hell.“ “Everything, my ass.“ There’s nothing to eat or enjoy here! Hell’s nothing but desolate land full of terrible demons! “I will return.“ After ten thousand long years, he finally returns to Earth.



18 responses to “Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later”

  1. this craps getting no one where like one whole chapter and they haven’t even left the area they were in like this is way to short and they stretch out simple scenes like these for ages

  2. he’s a demon king that was stuck in hell for may i add 10,000 years eating nothing but flesh of demons so yes if i was in his shoes id beat the living crap out of someone if they messed with my food

  3. I mean, think about it. MC hasn’t had good tasting food in 10000 years. It’s obvious that his senses would be overwhelmed to the point that everything around him disappears. It’s not that he ignored what was going on, it’s that he literally didn’t notice it. Bro is in food heaven rn, not Earth xD

  4. Yea. This chapter just makes him look like a POS. Let me just eat my soup while the person who made it for me gets knocked senseless and the daughter getting beat and almost dragged away.. Hope he never gets stew for the rest of his life.

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