Player (Oh Hyeon-Jun) - Chapter 210

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34 responses to “Player (Oh Hyeon-Jun)”

  1. Kina and that guy is such an eyesore, why does it feels like they will end up together🤮
    I hope kina doesn’t develop feelings for that white hair guy

  2. I think I’d rather read an emotionless bastard growing to be strong than this. Though this is good, it doesn’t fit my taste so keep it up author.

  3. A death penalty already? Not even a scene like “I was betrayed and I died then got stronger when I died” thing? Tho it’s cringe but that was the idea that first came to my mind.

  4. hey i know that you are here to check if this manga is good or not right because the summary they have given already is not enough so i will tell you my opinion okay i have read only 2 chapters till now and its great till now. when i am done reading further or should i say after catching up. ill inforrm yall

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