My Vision Becomes Stronger

My Vision Becomes Stronger

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Becoming Stronger From BreathingMy Vision Becomes StrongerUrban Strengthening SystemМоё дыхание усиливается我呼吸都变强

Synopsis My Vision Becomes Stronger

The main character rose from the level of trash to become the top of his class through cooking demonstrating the fearsome power of gourmet food.

As he goes about his daily life,

his explosive growth is the norm!



18 responses to “My Vision Becomes Stronger”

  1. Damn MC has lot of good luck. I want to travel around the world but I don’t even has money to travel to another city😐

  2. That b*tch is arrogant. Rather then apologizing she shouting at Mc. If I were him I would teach him a lesson she never forget…

  3. I knew from start that b*tch is the traitor.
    When those guy’s she was missing and also all security was removed

  4. He’s should beat this b*tch and her gang. They come and destroyed their furniture and almost beaten his parent’s…

  5. Wtf he’s so ugly why girl’s are crazy about him. He’s just rich but in looks he’s below average. What’s wrong with author. I want girl’s to be crazy about a guy you should make him super handsome with great body. That’s the real idol. Not some ugly looking guy

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