My Lv999 Love for Yamada-kun - Chapter 79

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104 responses to “My Lv999 Love for Yamada-kun”

  1. I can die in peace rn.

    NOPE! Before that, lemme see the babies first!!!

    This chapter is on Yamada’s POV. And sudden declaration of love is just uwu 😳🥺😌

  2. I will be happy even if all what happen in every chapter is Akane and yamada cooking cleaning the house going for a walk 🫂🫂

  3. Alrighty girl!!! Im so thankful your character has depth. Im sorry for all the bad words 🥲 youre a good person. Nice of you

    OFC AKANE ALWAYS ALWAAAYS SLAY!!! That was sooo sweet

  4. Thank you for the update (⁠っ⁠˘̩⁠╭⁠╮⁠˘̩⁠)⁠っ(⁠っ⁠˘̩⁠╭⁠╮⁠˘̩⁠)⁠っ(⁠っ⁠˘̩⁠╭⁠╮⁠˘̩⁠)⁠っ Yamada best boiii.

  5. Waaaah yamada best boy ever 😭 now you got your answer girl so stop bothering them coz he’ll definitely not gonna break up with her. I’m so inlove with this manga 💖

  6. Ive been waiting for so long but it’s another cliffhanger with painful ending. I hope akane sees this about yamada soon. I really hate seeing a brewing storm and feeling this way

  7. girl we don’t give a fuck about you or what you think. we don’t give a fuck about that annoying male senpai either.

    bring me back my old gaming gang

  8. we don’t give a fuck about this girl and this annoying male senpai. can we PLEASE stop about them????? stop. we need our gaming gang back

  9. What this senpai said about Akane leaves a sour taste in my mouth like, idk. I mean, Akane was quiet and nervous but I wouldn’t say rude or high strung. She had quite a bit to say about her in the few seconds they met 🙃 Also, Yamada best boi as always. I wish it was that easy 😂

  10. yamada’s cute tho. i love how understanding he is, but akane’s being twisted there. but i can totally understand, she feels like that inside, but doesn’t want to make him suffocate at the same time.
    i don’t like that new girl yet, dunno why. but i hope she won’t revolve around yamada QnQ like asking for his help for things, bcuz i kinda see smth like that happening ………………..

  11. The assurance that Yamada gives off to akane. He do really love her. I’m just thankful that they quickly solved the misunderstanding.

  12. Girl i dont freaking care about you. You dont get to say that about akane when you dont know her yet. I was wishing you wont be a stuck up btch but man i dont like you. Yamada better straighten things up quickly and show how he loves akane so much

  13. I know there’s a limit ar hoe patient a guy can be but please Yamada! I love you and please don’t do anything that’ll make me less love you 😭

  14. Yamada being a green flag is 💛 hope they really talk this out. It’s hard to endure and bottle up feelings like that, and as someone very emotional, I relate to Akane wherein she tries to trivialize what she feels in order to protect herself

  15. Hmmmm, I think he noticed her being unconfortable with this situation and want to talk to her about it, I hope so. Plus I miss Eita >.<

  16. I know this is a stupid misunderstanding cos we know what happened on Yamada’s part but dang if I were Akane I’d have the wrong conclusion too. It’s relatable cos we tend to easily judge people without knowing the whole story 😭 I hope this resolves quickly.

  17. It huuuuurts 😭😭😭
    I know yamada doesnt mean anything and loves akane but he needs to reassure her 🥲🥲
    I just want them to be happyyyy

  18. so i get this feeling that the girl who ‘catched’ yamada’s earbud is the crying girl from his past. it’s just a feeling tho. plus i do not like the senpai guy, i get bad vibes from him.

  19. oh whomst? the bullied friend from yamada’s past?

    and i have a really bad feeling about that senpai. first of all he took a pic of him without his consent and even posted it on social media. aaarrghh Akane should’ve never let him go to that meeting

  20. Phooooo control yourself plep. I hate btch tropes but i trust yamada. Broo i hope yamada’s the one to get jealous tho. Like akana has a friend pr something then he gets possessive. Man thats a trope ill die for

  21. I don’t think Akane’s friend will try to do something to Yamada, they will probably let Akane know that the senpai is using him to gain popularity. I’m curious about the crying girl tho, I really hope it’s not another rival /b*, I’m getting tired c.c

  22. I don’t think Akane’s friend will do the b move on Yamada, they’ll probably just recognize that the senpai for something bad and fishy (pretty clear he’s trying to use Yamada for popularity)
    Curious about the crying lady tho, I really hope it’s not another Rival 🥲

  23. Hmmm I get a bad feeling torwards that Iguchi guy ~ don`t really trust him.
    Plus “repay kindness” isn`t anything I really am into it, when I do anything towrds anyone I would never ask to repay it.

  24. Akane’s pretty onee-chan vibes are really strong in this one god i love her so much. this is why i simp older FLs

  25. Thank you so much for the update <3 moooooooore lovey dovey moment of yamada and akane plsssss 🙂 🙂 <3 <3

  26. Omg, I found this through insta and people in the comments were like “does this really happen in ch.69?” and it wasn’t a editing joke it really does 😂 I’m fuckin dead and I love these two so much I ended up liking the series more than I thought I would

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