Level Up Alone - Chapter 150

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131 responses to “Level Up Alone”

  1. The author need to make some research before talking bullshit about the world he dont know.
    Pyramid is a grave, its really simple, movie lie about the maze inside. 2 room 1 stairs.

  2. Stop dude, this is totally insulting our religion, as a muslim we wil never do that.. i really sad, how racist you are

  3. “Demon? What the hell is this?”
    Like, dude, you’ve never heard of the concept of a demon? Just straight up accepting a deal with a demon, no questions asked? Not even the terms of the deal?

    That does make it to my personal top ten of stupidest decisions by a MC.

  4. Aaahhhhhhhhhhh😠😭
    Why do you choose the shadow demon?!?!
    I would have choose the void demon.. that sounds a lot cooler and stronger

  5. Why is the author forcing the narrative so much. He used to be intelligent, quick-witted, and trusted his instincts. Now he’s dumb, slow, and ignores his gut feelings. Just so the author can have the story progress the way they want it. It breaks the immersion when you force the MC to do the opposite of what he normally does

  6. Because he is the only hunter that can level up, same as solo levelling, this is pretty much the same concept for every fucking solo anything manhwa Shface

  7. hhahhaha as always karvis is braindead……. well i think she can compete with MC in that department…. I mean seriously how the fuck do you even have the audacity to ask the guy to give up on the angels fragment is part of the deal WITH A FRIGGIN DEMON the contract is already done nothing that she says will change that fact……. XDDDD

  8. I see it actually seems too good to be truth buuuuut considering the fact that they leash their talents soo much…… that organization that manages awakeners keeps bothering MC and will try to keep a chain on him being him a special one.
    And the posibility of many guilds of low repute will try to scout him in an ugly way(I mean we all know how they treat porters this prolly will be the same). this is better for now…….

  9. This shit manhua insult Islam religion,make Islam a terrorist
    How do you feel if your religion is get insult huh!

  10. for being a extremely rare unique awakened and hero that fought off a terrorist when he didnt even had to he gets a abysmal treatment and is far too accepting of it

  11. Wow., the Plot is way too lame..
    Learning thru demons…?

    MC is way to dumb to explore his abilities even thou he has an assisting system KRAVIS….?

    TOO weak and TOO dumb.
    The FUCK with this manwha…

  12. No I’m also here lemme say when I commented the may 3 in 2022 please subscribe to my youtube XVEMO

  13. I mean why y’all hatin one said oh look the character who will just die just to give the MC some sort of weakass
    *Character Development* and now one says oh the Dad who had like 3 lines in this entire manhwa should have just died because its *realistic*like BRO IT’S A SHI MANHWA WE ALL KNOW THAT BUT like dawg why are you guys putting a lot of expectations for a shi manhwa be like joker who thinks is funny aight

  14. Shut the fuck up I hate peoples like you who judge other work because you can’t do it ,if u hate other don’t reply and stop give bad reviews so others don’t reading

  15. This is actually very interesting I think I get the authors mindset since the guy has less battle experience with other humans and is used to being clumsy and looking shabby and cowardly that is probably why he turned at like that. I actually like the MC because when you think about it, don’t you find it strange that MC’s always start acting big immediately they get power and for some reason they always have the upper and everything seems to be going well but for this one MC, he didn’t just switch to someone who has brains or seems like the strongest guy in the world.
    Even though the way he acts is annoying but that is how people actually are, for some MC when they say they want to keep a low profile that either end up exposing theirselves worldwide in less than six months or begin behaving like someone who makes you feel inferior and makes himself seem untouchable(sorry can’t really explain it) or he just gives the credit to someelse and for some reason every thing he does will always have a good outcome no matter what which is very annoying.Even though the MC is actually behaving like a fool who doesn’t seem to know reality and does not use his brains and is certainly tooooo kind heartedly to someone who suddenly helps him for no reason and he does not even suspect them one bit, still it’s better than someone who suddenly has a goal to rule over the world or be the strongest person ever(no offense always happen at the end of the manga and for some reason it happens awfully fast).
    This MC is some who starts as someone with a small goal and with this smsll goal you could keep expanding it until you reach maybe a final goal(unlike some who will evn if I have to rule the world I will find a way to treat you instead they could actually do it without causing trouble by simply deciding to work alone , refuse to join any guild and mind his or her damn business, I Hate when you become a goody too shoes, helping someone is way different than either blaming yourself for being too weak to protect them or suddenly saying you are going to protect everyone and that they will all leave here alive what a very unrealistic thing).
    Not one day you started gaining power at an effectively fast rate and all of a sudden you know how to fight against monsters then when the time comes to fight against humans you seem like you have been doing it for ages and your like no problems or piece of cake and your next goal is rule the world and then you do it like in less than a year. Hmm am surprised piece of cake, I wonder if anyone could rule the whole world in one year, we’ll that’s about everthing on my mind I think.For my final say, I really like this manga even though the MC needs to smarten up but l like how it seems he has someone teaching him and not him suddenly know how to do it all Thank you again dear Author and I really recommend this viewers.

  16. Welp fuck this stupid mc just reading till last published chapter then forgetting about it. It’s really not worth waiting the regular release of this

  17. The association immediately knows when you bring in a cow you forget to tell about but destroying property showing up in groups to break kneecaps and just being like the yakuza is totally fine.. how plot armor heavy is the world nothing makes any sense… Also what a terrible website this is.. posted to many comments gotta slow down… like for real this is the only purpose…. posting a comment every few chapters is apparently to fast for this slow ass server…

  18. God just when i thought the story could’t be any worse this happens. It’s so bad, you can barely call it a story it just random things happening one after the other with a freaking dense MC.

  19. It’s been 28 years and this is the first hole underground that is caused by a portal? Like damn this story is so crappy. just good enough to continue reading but could be so much beter if this wasn’t set in the idiocracy and don’t look up universe…

  20. How is my father doing? He fell asleep after eating. That’s good…. IN WHAT WORLD IS THAT GOOD…He comes out of like a sorta coma and now he might be going back into one and you said that’s good?

  21. Who made this story it’s kinda crappy… He totally ignores stuff or goes 150% on stuff… I wish that mana influx killed his father… If it was kinda realistic and not just 99% plot armor it would. Sudden influx in large quantity can’t be good for a weak and sick body… This manga has no logic at all… Let alone the 5 braincell MC….

  22. WTF why is it like this.. He is broke meanwhile spends several months of his monthly rent.. Then how much does he own the damn loan sharks, if that is not explained i am under assumption MC is just plain stupid. Keep working works some more hours because you need less and your set… why take so many risks…

  23. HOW STUPID CAN THE MC BE!? blindly asking for a wish to be granted with a fking demon and how the heck does the name ASTAROTH inside a “Strange” book with some sorta pentagram symbol not make’em think “oh this feels dangerous!i should stop reading and ask kavis about it first”

  24. How stupid can the mc be!?blindly asking a wish granted with a freaking demon not knowing the conditions and HOW tf does the name ASTAROTH not give em any hint of it being a demon when reading a suspicious book with “strange” marking at the cover that he RANDOMLY found

  25. A story full of plot holes introducing new complicated plot holes while DROPPING the main plot of the story. Way to go. Trash

  26. Title is called “Level Up alone”. 30 chapters and this douche is still in groups or is constantly found with other people.

  27. I’m tired of characters with a bullcrap attitude lol. Let’s say there are 70% of them, and this time his freakin’ Ego is one of them. Haiya… *Haiya is an expression used by Malaysians as a sign of disappointment*

  28. that is the point of a growth manga based around getting stronger plus if you had a gun wouldn’t you use it plus they probably gave the hunter a bit of a buff for plot cause it wouldnt intrest anybody if the mc insta bonked him

  29. Oh a ship that doesnt involve the MC interesting, Big sad for the friend that died she seemed solid hunter and prolly a good parter to hunt not like the everyday assholes that mc encounters and knows very well……

  30. not recommended, MC is stupid, his guide, Kabis is totally useless and seems like not interested in helping MC to grow. At least, his new guide, demon is much more useful than Kabis. Kabis is basically a trash. MC already hunted lots of monsters and level up a lot, but he’s still having difficulty against a single E-rank hunter. This manga is very disappointing.

  31. I hate MC, you already have stats at least much stronger than LVL 1 and hunt lots of hunters alone, but you’re having difficulty fighting E rank hunter? The MC is too weak and is relying too much on gun power.

  32. Ah yes now it’s one hundred percent confirmed that she did what everyone else has done and give up on her hopes and dreams

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