Kizu Darake Seijo Yori Houfuku Wo Komete

Kizu Darake Seijo Yori Houfuku Wo Komete

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Martial Arts
Synopsis Kizu Darake Seijo Yori Houfuku Wo Komete

Kizu Darake Seijo Yori Houfuku Wo Komete

Our protagonist, Lua, is the so-called “Fallen Saintess" in this fantasy manga. Although Lua possesses the power of healing, her ability comes with a fatal flaw: she can only heal others by transferring their wounds onto herself. Due to this defect, Lua is ostracized and bullied by her peers who call her the "Fallen Saintess". However, Lua remains unbothered by their cruelty as long as she has her best friend, Arianne, by her side.

One day, Lua's long-time crush, Commander Garrett, is left on the brink of death following a beast attack. Lua heals him, bearing all of his wounds in the process and is nearly killed as a result. When Lua awakens, she discovers that her best friend took all the credit for the commander's recovery. Realizing Arianne's true nature, Lua is left devastated, lost and alone.

As Lua's world crumbles around her, the second prince appears with an intriguing proposition for the fallen saintess. Tempted by the prince's offer, Lua embraces a new identity and embarks on a journey to become a villainess.

Throughout this fantasy action manga, Lua navigates her complex relationships and quest for purpose. As Lua's story unfolds, this manga highlights themes of friendship, sacrifice, and finding one's own strength. Moving forward as a villainess, Lua discovers her own power and worth outside of her healing ability. Overall, this mangan follows Lua's journey to overcome her label as the "fallen saintess" and forge her own path.



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