It Starts With A Mountain - Chapter 501

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26 responses to “It Starts With A Mountain”

  1. It’s hilarious how at first when the system says she’s only two years old but then she still insist on calling him young man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😋🤣🤣😋

  2. If that’s the case then linger will make an exception cause linger has been there from the start actually it all started with her and her dad

  3. this is so retarded… freefall will NEVER EVER be hit by a lasso because the lesso CANNOT move faster than a person in freefall, also wtf did that dude getto the edge that fast from nowhere ?? fcking retarded story writing.
    and again seriously only 6k people died in 18+ days of siege and fighting? thats less than 300 per day with up to 4 attacks a day thats less than fcking 75 people dead per attack; seriously how retarded is this? you cant even approach the fcking walls and not lose 75 people; much MUCH less fighting a seige….
    seriously stop fcking your own cock with such bullshit whiny drama shit suddenly; like the fcking 3 chapters of mc being a pathetic whining simp before he could FINALLY bull his dick out of his ass and actually engage with a girl…. seriously provoking how bad these “drama” parts are made

  4. he would obviously have a robe ready to jump over the side and get to safety; WTF wouldnt he? also COUNTLESS scouts from other cities watching this but he sees the ONE scout hiding at a tree, also how motherfcker stupid is this dude at hiding? seriously is he a moron?

  5. 17 days, at this point the attackers are likely out of arrows and they need proviance to be brought to continue fighting.
    also you EASILY lose 500 people in an attack; just 10 ballista’s each easily killing 5+ people per shot shooting every 5 minutes, stone throwers spreading scrabnal and easily killing 5+ per shot again 5min reload timer; this is at least 20*5=100 people dead per 5 minutes of combat, in a siege you easily fight for 1h+ meaning they will lose 5k troops per hour of fighting to the siege machines ALONE!! add to that 100’s of arrows raining down every 10 seconds you are losing at least 10 people per volley; so in just 1 monite you would lose 100 people in an hour 6.000 people= 11.000 people per hour fought; thats WITHOUT the people dying falling from the falls, getting hit by rocks, oil etc. when trying to enter and the people dying who reach the walls.

    in short this siege would have lastet less than 2 days and the barbarians would have been completely wiped out…..
    …. honestly 17 days, there is absolutely no barbarians left; even assuming all war machines only had 2 shots per day thats still 200 people, and the archers only shot 1.000 arrows per day only killing/injuring 100 people, and only 200 people were injured/killed on other things a day; thats 500 people per day that’s 8.500 soldiers dead at this point;
    the babarians wouldn’t be capable of continuing at this point; also their tribes would be fcking SCREWED after this

  6. expensive what? all of these are under 1k, he got 300k, and he had 1mill; my question is there anything actually more than 50k something actually good… seriously wtF?

  7. ok this one was kinda nice.
    now buy the MUST HAVE martial arts; 1 escaped ability, 1 movability/dodging, 1 one-hit ability, 1 large aoe ability, 1 teleport ability/gab closer-gab creator, any ability to heighten general awareness etc…
    with 300k points there should be enough to get some of these at least

  8. sooooooooooooo annoyingly retarded!!
    1. general dont fight a fcking slave, general fight General!!! wtf is mc doing being retarded! and taunting their general for being a pussy who send women children and slaves to fight for him because his afraid is too easy! writer get a brain!.
    2. the dude on the floor up on the horse and write back EASY MODE RESCUE!!! also WTF system and WTF is this pathetic piece of sht general who will slaughter thousinds of civilians on the haysay that someone “gOt HieS BoThEr! BUUUHUUUBUUUUUHUUUU”…. cry more you pathetic faggot!

  9. how retarded are everyone???
    it is NOT a fcking CHOICE if you want to fight as a soldier, no one wanted to fcking fight; they did so because it is not a choice..
    secondly; LOLZ!!!! if you think you will EVER break through 30 meters high 10 meters wide walls with 5k defenders and unlimited food and ammo; then you are a fcking moron!
    we have MANY examples of under 100 people defending a fortress against thousinds!
    a good fortress is nearly impossible to take over and if the geographic are for it they are impossible to take over; we got several fortresses that was NEVER taken over and a good handfull which was only taken from the inside

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