Golem Dungeon Rush

Golem Dungeon Rush

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Capture the Golem to Escape Clutches of PovertyCapture the Golem to Escape PovertyCapture the Golem, Escape Clutches of PovertyGolem Catcher Escapes PovertyGolem Dungeon RushGrab the Golem and Escape the Dirt Spoonเกมพลิกชะตา ล่าโกเลม골렘 잡고 흙수저 탈출

Synopsis Golem Dungeon Rush

Hardworking Taejoon's struggling to support himself and his sister. So when an old friend asks him to try out a video game with hideous monsters called ‘golem,’ he gladly takes a break from reality. Then these golems show up in real life, killing and destroying everything in sight! They're terrifying BUT also full of treasures like gold and diamonds that people are dying to get. With his knowledge of the game, Taejoon's primed to take these monsters down. The hunt is on, but will he survive?



22 responses to “Golem Dungeon Rush”

  1. hehehe i gotta love this guy smarts he came up with that on the spot and to tell the truth he would probable get away with it if this wasnt a manga

  2. pretty sure the friend is dead because usually when you see a destroyed area and a cracked phone that person died in these types of manhwa

  3. Honestly it bothers me to read this since it just makes no sense that his friend coild ever make this, not to mention why his friend woild even give this to him in the first place

  4. Honestly stupid, only these kids seem to be there? Some white hair kid and not to mention that we have no clue what the fuck happened to his friend that made the game, it just cut the part where he was thinking about him and nothing got explained nor did he bother looking for him…

  5. Yeah sorry I was waiting for him to say yes to stop reading I rlly hate when the mc works for someone and this has so much potential if it weren’t for that woman

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