Dimensional Mercenary - Chapter 256

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15 responses to “Dimensional Mercenary”

  1. for one he did risk something for tow those people were like comrades and it was very difficult i would have asked for way more also he used 5 million as a base he should have gotten more

  2. bro you are getting 4.8 million and you took no risk at all, yet you still had the nerve to ask for another 200k?

  3. it would seem that only 1 coin sucks ass, but 1 gold coin while in that fantasy world its worth like 1 dollar, 1 gold coin in south korea would be worth 2,394,066 south korean yuans or 1,849 dollars

  4. escapism seems to be the theme on this one justified I’d say meta? maybe
    Enjoying this one so far the translation makes we wish i could read the original still grateful to have it tho.

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