Death God

Death God

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Death God夺命刺客死神 (Lim Jae Won & Seol Bong)사신

Martial Arts
Synopsis Death God

"Death God," a name whispered with reverence and fear, marked the path that Jongli Chu chose to embark upon. An orphan, haunted by the memory of his older brother's demise at the hands of Hwang Jung,

a disciple of the Heaven-slaying sect, Jongli was a soul adrift in a world of vengeance.

In a daring act of retribution, Jongli Chu confronted Hwang Jung and exacted the ultimate price for his brother's death. However, this act of vengeance thrust him into a relentless pursuit by the Heaven-slaying Sect. To evade their relentless pursuit, he sought refuge with the Imitating Blade,

a group notorious for their prowess in the art of assassination within the Soul-killing Chambers.

But Jongli's escape from one perilous situation plunged him headlong into another. The ominous specter of "ten chastisements" loomed ominously before him. As a nameless orphan entangled in the web of these orthodox sects,

he now found himself confronted by stifling rules and unyielding dogma.

In this perilous maze of power struggles and vendettas, Jongli Chu's only path to liberation lay in a transformation that defied all expectations. He faced an unforgiving ultimatum: to become a "Legendary Death God." This title, once synonymous with dread, now represented the key to escape the ever-lengthening shadows of chastisement.

Could Jongli Chu rise to the challenge and embrace the mantle of a Death God, breaking free from the shackles of a world dominated by the Orthodox Sects? As the narrative unfolded in the manga, readers were drawn into a world of complex alliances, dark ambitions, and the unwavering pursuit of freedom. With every chapter, the answer to this pressing question remained tantalizingly just out of reach, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.



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