Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return

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Chronicles of a ReturnerChronicles of the Martial God's Return무신귀환록

Martial Arts
Synopsis Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return

Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return

The Ultimate Martial Divine Demon, Dan Woohyun, was sealed up. After a thousand years have passed, he was released from his seal and felt like everything was meaningless as he wandered alone.
A thousand years was enough to get rid of Dan Woohyun sense of superiority.
A world that has changed, solitude with no one knows, and the only thing left is despondency and emptiness.
“Time goes like the wind. There’s really nothing left.”
A little girl who appeared in front of Dan Woohyun lost her purpose and will to live aimlessly. Hwa Somi.
For a girl who seems to have nowhere to lean on, Dan Woohyun feels the same and gradually begins to open the door of his mind.
“I’m Dan Woohyun. Come with me.”
The story of a warrior with an icy heart and a cute innocent girl
The story of an unusual family’s life in the midfield will warm your heart.



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