Become Villain In The Game Cultivation - Chapter 132

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4 responses to “Become Villain In The Game Cultivation”

  1. look at this absolutely pathetic tiny dck fggot sht writteen crap doormat mc…
    your girl is about to get rapexd infront of you and you still dont kill “bc some old man doesnt like it BUUUHUUU”…
    the rules?? fkcing BULLSHT!! the rules clearly stated your not allowed to interfere with each other, kidnapping and rapxing your people is not being fcking neutral and 9999999% billion gazillion %%% that it would be 100% fine to kill his entire sect after he did this and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ONEEEEEEEEEE in the fcking immortal or god realm would say SHT that you killed his sect in this situation because EVERYONE with power would do the same…. this is such utter SHT!! TRASSH TERRIBLEE FCKING CRAPP writtingg on the setup and story….
    and fcking had the BALLSS to use the title villain, never you seens such a fggot doormat hero type a character…. just enrages me…. seriously any man who would allow this sht infront of his eyes and not even hurt the person should just killl themselves immidiatedly!…

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