Amaku Nureru Uso Kekkon Toiu Na No Fukushu

Amaku Nureru Uso Kekkon Toiu Na No Fukushu

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Seeking Revenge Through Marriage甘く濡れる嘘~結婚という名の復讐~

Synopsis Amaku Nureru Uso Kekkon Toiu Na No Fukushu

Rie's boyfriend was handsome and skillful, and everyone in her office adored him!

Moreover, they hid their relationship from everyone, so every day was thrilling.

One day, her boyfriend told her that he had something important to discuss,

and Rie thought that he was going to propose to her, but... her heart was broken instead. Her boyfriend told her that he was getting married to a woman who had conceived his child and asked her to break up with him. Then, Rie's manager brought up the idea of a blind date to Rie who had been suffering alone. The man she would meet up with was Yuichi Kuroki, Yasushi's only rival. Kuroki, who was highly regarded in the office for his appearance and skills, said to Rie, "I've decided on you." Rie, who was not able to read Kuroki's feelings, thought that the whole blind date had been arranged beforehand, but...?



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