The Villain Dreams Of The Heroine Every Night

The Villain Dreams Of The Heroine Every Night

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The Villain Dreams of the Heroine Every Night恐怖游戏的反派没有我睡不着공포 게임의 악역은 밤마다 여주인공의 꿈을 꾼다

Martial Arts
Synopsis The Villain Dreams Of The Heroine Every Night

The Villain Dreams Of The Heroine Every Night

Trapped as the heroine Celine in a horror game, she died 109 times

exhausting her patience for the repeated deaths.

However, the villain appeared before her, confused about why she kept dying in his dreams every night. Astonished at encountering the villain unharmed , she questioned his claim.

He explained that for some reason, she perished in his nightly dreams, disrupting his sleep.

Their strange encounter marked the beginning of an unusual partnership between the villain desperate for rest and the heroine tired of dying.

At first, she was skeptical of the villain's confession about her recurring role in his dreams or his motivation for approaching her. His revelation seemed too bizarre and fantastical to believe. Nevertheless, she was intrigued by the novelty of conversing with the villain as well as the opportunity to avoid further deaths.

The villain's nightly visions of the heroine resembled a manga plot twist, thrusting the pair into an unforeseen adventure. To remedy his insomnia and restore her revival, they teamed up to change the course of the game by rewriting the horror story. Through trial and error navigating different story paths, the villain and heroine worked to create a new ending without tragedy or terror.

Along the way, their initial wariness of one another transitioned into begrudging respect that blossomed into affection. What started as a partnership of convenience morphed into a sweet symbiosis and romance. By coming together to defeat their shared plight, the villain and heroine overcame their differences to forge an unexpected bond. Overall, their whimsical tale illustrates how even the unlikeliest of alliances can lead to love.

What began as a startling confession evolved into an opportunity for connection between two seemingly opposed characters. By abandoning their expected roles as adversaries, the villain and heroine discovered an unlikely yet poignant partnership through the dreams that first brought them together. Their story stands as a testament to finding love in the most improbable of places by opening one's mind to new possibilities.



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