The Palace Beast

The Palace Beast

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Beast of the Palace - 宮廷の猛獣 - 궁궐의 맹수 -

Martial Arts
Synopsis The Palace Beast

The Palace Beast, a tale of remarkable abilities and impending destiny,

presents a captivating narrative set in a world where royalty, conspiracy,

and mythical creatures converge. The Palace Beast was a title whispered in hushed tones throughout the kingdom,

a reference to the princess who possessed extraordinary powers. Despite the princess's knowledge of her exceptional abilities, she harbored no aspirations of ascending to the throne. Instead, she yearned for a life of tranquility alongside her devoted maid.

However, the state's sinister conspiracy cast its covetous gaze upon the kingdom. The prince, perceiving the princess as a formidable threat, inadvertently made contact with the princess's maid,

resulting in the mysterious disappearance of the loyal attendant. Among the palace's inhabitants, who had perpetuated lies for their own gain,

the lady-in-waiting stood as a beacon of genuine care and devotion to the princess.

In this tale, a remarkable transformation begins as the extraordinary serpent within the princess begins to stretch and evolve into a protective dragon. The dragon leaps over the Imoogi, a legendary serpentine creature, to safeguard her people from impending peril. It is prophesied that the current princess will one day unite the three kingdoms, heralding an era of unprecedented change.

In a realm blessed with divine favor and the enigmatic influence of the dragon, the insidious stains of human greed and the cursed abilities bestowed by the dragon itself propel the story forward. The stage is set for an impending war, foretold by prophecy, which could reshape the destiny of the kingdom.

The question looms large: Can the prophecy be fulfilled, and will the princess ascend to the throne as empress? As The Palace Beast's saga unfolds, the fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance, a cosmic tale of power, destiny, and the indomitable spirit of a princess who wields the might of a dragon to protect her people.



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