The Kingdoms of Ruin

The Kingdoms of Ruin

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The Kingdoms of Ruinはめつのおうこく破灭之国파멸의 왕국

Martial Arts
Synopsis The Kingdoms of Ruin

The Kingdoms of Ruin, a captivating manga series, thrusts readers into a world

where humanity's coexistence with witches is challenged by an advanced scientific revolution. The once-vital powers of witches have become obsolete, triggering a wave of resentment and fear. The world's mightiest nation, gripped by paranoia, launches a ruthless witch hunt, expelling all witches from their land. Among those caught in this devastating purge is Adonis,

a devoted apprentice to a witch, who is forced to witness the heart-wrenching demise of his beloved mentor.

This manga unfolds as a riveting clash between science and magic, a story teeming with suspense and intrigue. Adonis, driven by an unwavering desire for vengeance against the empire that has stripped

him of everything, embarks on a perilous journey that blurs the lines between science and the supernatural.

Transitioning from a world where magic once thrived to an era dominated by scientific progress,

Adonis becomes a symbol of resilience and transformation,

mirroring the compelling character development often celebrated in manga. His quest for retribution serves as a captivating backdrop against which the battle between science and magic takes center stage.

In the world of manga storytelling, The Kingdoms of Ruin invites readers to explore the complexities of a society torn between progress and tradition. As Adonis wages a relentless battle against the forces that seek to eradicate his kind, readers are drawn into a narrative that challenges their perceptions of power, identity, and the boundaries of possibility.

This tale is a testament to the enduring spirit of resistance and the relentless pursuit of justice in the face of adversity. As readers immerse themselves in The Kingdoms of Ruin, they will witness a world on the brink of transformation, where science and magic collide, and where the indomitable human spirit stands as the last bastion against tyranny and oppression.



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